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Princeloo Alexandre, popularly known as ‘Princeloo’ is a world-renowned artist whose brand revolves around DJing, Music Production and Songwriting. Princeloo is known for his astounding compositions of electronic dance music, deep house, old school, and hip-hop genres.

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Princeloo was a keen basketball player for most of his youth. Princeloo progressively became familiar with chart-topping music because it was constantly played in the games he played in. As a result, Princeloo gradually developed a true love for music and proceeded towards producing his own songs.

Princeloo has worked on several projects and releases. He has been a finalist in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition (ISC) on several occasions, being ranked among the best 2% out of 18,500 entrants.

'' Lost In You ft Ami Thomson', ‘We Know Who We Are’, ‘Old City Streets’, ‘Get Away’, and ‘Through Our Walls’ are some of the most renowned of Princeloo's productions and Princeloo is currently charting in the U.K.s top 30 Commercial Pop Charts.

As a professional, dedicated, music producer and songwriter, Princeloo is looking forward to creating more of his masterpieces in the future for all his fans! Sit back and get ready for more sick songs and beats!